How tall is too tall?

Yesterday I heard something interesting on the Today Show (I love that morning program). They claimed that the average American is a few inches shorter than he used to be and that the Dutch are becoming the tallest people. The average American man is 5’9″, while the average Dutch man is about 6 feet. They profiled a Dutch family living in the Netherlands, whose entire family members were all over 6 feet tall, plus a man who was 7 feet tall. I have to admit that I felt a little sorry for him. Nutritious food was claimed to be the reason why so many Dutch were ‘reaching new heights.’ While fast food was blamed to be the reason that Americans are shrinking. I actually have to believe that.
I’ve always been told by my parents that good nutrition is the reason me and my American-born siblings and cousins all tower over our parents. And believe me, at 5’4″, I TOWER over both of my parents, LOL! (They are Italian, if that gives any perspective). Growing up, and even now as an adult, my family rarely eats fast food (even though Burger King makes killer french fries). But not because we thought it would keep us short, but because we know that it has no nutritional value, and it’s just bad for you! (even though Burger King makes killer french fries).
The Dutch family insisted that home cooked nutritious meals make taller people. I agree, but I don’t want to be 7 feet tall. Not now, and not ever. That poor man found it difficult to go into a house, pub, or car without crouching. And I don’t even want to know what he pays for his clothing and shoes. I would start eatting some Burger King fries if I were him. They really are killer.


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