Our Little Bowler

Recently, bowling has become king around here. Forget the Red Sox, or the Patriots, or even the Celtics, and say hello to candlepin bowling. These pictures were taken at a birthday party just a few weeks ago. He could not get enough of this. Before the ball hit the pins, he was already throwing another ball down the lane. Sometimes the balls didn’t make it all the way down and actually rolled back. He did not want to stop for pizza, or for the birthday cake. He just wanted to keep bowling. Leaving was a problem. He didn’t want to go home. All he talked about in the car, and the next morning was bowling bowling bowling! So much so that my husband took him back the next day. Except it wasn’t to the same bowling alley. It was one closer to our house. Well, that was a BIG mistake. He constantly reminds us that he doesn’t like the bowling alley that Daddy took him to. He only likes the one where the birthday party was. And lucky for us, he can watch candlepin bowling on cable any time he wants. He watches it first thing in the morning, and also right before bed. He would watch it all day long if I let him. Lucky us. He’s obsessed.


One Response to “Our Little Bowler”

  1. Jen3 @ Amazing Trips Says:

    I wish we had candlepin bowling in California!! I dare not take our kids when the smallest bowling ball weighs 8 pounds, which is more than 1/3 of my toddler’s weight.

    Geez … what would it be like for me if I had to roll a 60 pound ball?!?! Actually, I can’t imagine I’d do any worse than I already do!!

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