And one day, she’ll be our babysitter

Seriously, I could never live in the middle of nowhere, without neighbors for miles around. I like living in a family neighborhood. It’s fun! Case in point: Saturday I came home from work and found a full plate of brownies in the kitchen. My husband told me that our 9 year old next door neighbor brought them over for us. She made them with her mother, and included this recipe in case we wanted to make them. That’s all she wrote. I like the “cheap choc chips” the best. I also think it’s adorable that the title is Big Brownies, when in fact they were the tiniest brownies ever. And they were good. She is such a cutie. It’s great having neighbors, especially great ones like this little girl and her family:)


2 Responses to “And one day, she’ll be our babysitter”

  1. emily Says:

    me want brownie. me want brownie from recipe. me make brownie. why my big brownie no taste good? no flour? no sugar? no BP? no salt? no butter? no problem….

  2. tongue in cheek Says:

    Lotsa chocolate and no flour, that is my kinda brownie!
    You ‘ve angels for neighbors!

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