Good Busy

We’ve been swamped around here. It’s been the good kind of busy. We’re finally in the process of beginning to remodel our house so there’s been lots of work to do. Looking at paint chips, wall paper samples, mantel designs, front doors, bookcase designs, it’s great! I am loving every minute of it. It’s a good thing my kids think going to the hardware store and the wall paper store is fun, because they’ll be seeing a lot of those places.
We’ve also been kept busy with our washing machine. It’s been leaking for about 2 weeks, and we couldn’t figure out from where. Finally on Sunday afternoon the water alarm went off. Yes, we have a water alarm, and trust me, I made fun of my husband when he bought it. Anyway, the alarm went off, and I ran downstairs only to be greeted by a nice little flood. I shut the water off. I wasn’t making fun of that alarm again, I ‘ll tell ya. But, the flood showed us exactly what was wrong, and for $2.34, my husband was able to replace the part that was leaking, ta da! Not bad. Only took 2 weeks and a flood, LOL!


One Response to “Good Busy”

  1. Elisa Says:

    Ok so i totally arched my eye brow when you said you had a water alarm… I don’t know if it was because I didn’t know those existed or for the simple fact that you actually HAD one…

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