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The one and only snow this season

March 27, 2007

We pretty much had only one day of snow this winter (March 16th). The kids absolutely LOVED it. My daughter never experienced snow before this, and she was thrilled! My son, however, is quite the expert. He loves sledding and shoveling!

Can you see how happy she was? She cried like crazy when we finally had to go in.

But touching the cold snow without her mittens was a different story.

I love this picture because it looks like he’s telling her what snow is.


Checking In

March 27, 2007

Hi! I’m not gone. We’ve just had lots going on around here, plus the weather is too nice to stay indoors.
I’ll be posting tonight, with pictures!

Our Little Bowler

March 14, 2007

Recently, bowling has become king around here. Forget the Red Sox, or the Patriots, or even the Celtics, and say hello to candlepin bowling. These pictures were taken at a birthday party just a few weeks ago. He could not get enough of this. Before the ball hit the pins, he was already throwing another ball down the lane. Sometimes the balls didn’t make it all the way down and actually rolled back. He did not want to stop for pizza, or for the birthday cake. He just wanted to keep bowling. Leaving was a problem. He didn’t want to go home. All he talked about in the car, and the next morning was bowling bowling bowling! So much so that my husband took him back the next day. Except it wasn’t to the same bowling alley. It was one closer to our house. Well, that was a BIG mistake. He constantly reminds us that he doesn’t like the bowling alley that Daddy took him to. He only likes the one where the birthday party was. And lucky for us, he can watch candlepin bowling on cable any time he wants. He watches it first thing in the morning, and also right before bed. He would watch it all day long if I let him. Lucky us. He’s obsessed.

Picasa. She only Looks like an angel.

March 14, 2007

This child will age me prematurely. A couple of days ago I went into the bathroom for 1 minute, when I heard, “Mommy! MAAAWWWWMEEEEEEEEEE!, Mommy? Mommy!” So out I come, only to find that she had climbed the couch, then over the back of the couch, climbed onto the windowsill, and was leaning on the glass window, underneath the curtain. When she saw me, with her head peeking out from under the curtain she said, “Hi, Mommy!”
One of these days this child will give me a heart attack. My son never ever did this. I’m learning all kinds of new tricks with this one.

And one day, she’ll be our babysitter

March 12, 2007

Seriously, I could never live in the middle of nowhere, without neighbors for miles around. I like living in a family neighborhood. It’s fun! Case in point: Saturday I came home from work and found a full plate of brownies in the kitchen. My husband told me that our 9 year old next door neighbor brought them over for us. She made them with her mother, and included this recipe in case we wanted to make them. That’s all she wrote. I like the “cheap choc chips” the best. I also think it’s adorable that the title is Big Brownies, when in fact they were the tiniest brownies ever. And they were good. She is such a cutie. It’s great having neighbors, especially great ones like this little girl and her family:)

I’m putting this under the Lent category

March 7, 2007

The other day I was at the super market with the kids loading up on groceries, and when I was checking out, a man (total stranger) tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a $6 store coupon saying that he wasn’t going to use it. How awesome was that?! What a nice thing to do! I thanked him for it, of course, and I’m sure he made the rest of my day a little better. You see? Good people are still out there 🙂

Update on my daughter

March 7, 2007

The little princess has stopped calling her brother “baby,” and started calling him “boy.” It’s so funny. “Joseph” is just a little too tough for her to say.
Her favorite things at the moment are: apple juice
her “babies” (her dolls)
bath time
and Bach! (a Baby Einstein video)
She also walks around applying her lipstick all day long. It’s actually a toy lipstick, but she thinks it’s real.
And she’ll be 15 months old next week. Where did that time go?

Good Busy

March 7, 2007

We’ve been swamped around here. It’s been the good kind of busy. We’re finally in the process of beginning to remodel our house so there’s been lots of work to do. Looking at paint chips, wall paper samples, mantel designs, front doors, bookcase designs, it’s great! I am loving every minute of it. It’s a good thing my kids think going to the hardware store and the wall paper store is fun, because they’ll be seeing a lot of those places.
We’ve also been kept busy with our washing machine. It’s been leaking for about 2 weeks, and we couldn’t figure out from where. Finally on Sunday afternoon the water alarm went off. Yes, we have a water alarm, and trust me, I made fun of my husband when he bought it. Anyway, the alarm went off, and I ran downstairs only to be greeted by a nice little flood. I shut the water off. I wasn’t making fun of that alarm again, I ‘ll tell ya. But, the flood showed us exactly what was wrong, and for $2.34, my husband was able to replace the part that was leaking, ta da! Not bad. Only took 2 weeks and a flood, LOL!

His First Haircut

March 1, 2007

Last Tuesday I took my son to get his first official haircut. It was 3 years in the making. I just loved it long, and he was still babyish-looking with it. I thought he had the best hair, but I also thought it was time to cut it. We’ve only cut his bangs ourselves before to keep the hair out of his eyes. But I took him to the salon, or barber shop, as he calls it, to get a real cut.
As you can see from the pictures, he wasn’t exactly thrilled.
But he went along with it.

He was a champ. They gave him a certificate and a lock of his hair to remember his first haircut. $22 later, we went home. I was a little heart broken. He won’t get it cut again for a long long time.