Just a few things that make me smile….

  1. Reading inspiring stories that make me want to be better starting that very moment.
  2. Both of my kids jumping on their father every night when he lays down on the floor.
  3. Hot coffee just for me!!!!!!!!!
  4. Watching my younger cousin getting married (I can’t believe she’s that old now) and all I could think about was that this beautiful girl in this beautiful white dress used to shove crayons up her nose when she was very little.
  5. Throughout my sons continuous never ending potty training, my daughter cheers him on by yelling, “pee pee! pee pee!” with such enthusiasm, that you start thinking that there really isn’t anything better than using the potty.
  6. an unexpected Valentine’s Day gift.
  7. a brand new magazine.
  8. hugging and kissing my kids.

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