A Valentine’s Day Gift

The other day I was telling my husband all these little facts about our town. He was interested and wanted to know how I knew that stuff. I told him about the book I was reading at the book store. Well, when I came downstairs yesterday morning, there it was on the kitchen table! He is so awesome!!! I love this book. It’s just a short little history book about our town with tons of old pictures, including a picture of the house I lived in for 14 months prior to us getting married. It’s a victorian home that has since been cut into 4 separate apartments, I used to live in one of the first floor apartments. I had a beautiful original stained glass window in my bedroom. Gorgeous! I pass this house at least 10 times a week on my way to the grocery store, or wherever, and I still say, “that’s my house,” every time I pass it. My husband knows how much I love history, especially local history, and I’m really touched that he bought me this book.

**the valentine on the left was made by my son in nursery school on Monday.


One Response to “A Valentine’s Day Gift”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    What a wonderful gift and a thoughtful Valentine!

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