Hit the road, Jack

This is the circa 1950 fireplace with the lovely wood paneling to the right of it. I can’t stand it. Thankfully, neither can my husband (thank you God). This year a carpenter will be coming over to destroy this and the paneling, and build us a new fireplace. One with a mantel. The paneling will be replaced by a built in bookcase. I can’t wait!! And yes, the carpenter will be hauling off the bricks that stick out on which I have the frames leaning on. And no, I don’t know what he will do with them. And no, I don’t care. My father in law, who takes it just like a stab and twist to the heart Every. Single. Time. we change something in this house, actually asked me what I planned on doing with the bricks. Of course I couldn’t say that I would love nothing more than to get up on my roof and throw them into the brook across the street, so I asked him if he wanted them. He said no. Whatev’s!
We bought this house in 2005 from my in laws and most places I look, this house still looks like theirs. Lack of funds makes upgrades come slowly. At least the kitchen has been completely redone. We even changed the floor plan! My in laws almost had heart attacks! They loved every square inch of this house and every bit of its early 1970s decor. I just hope that one day I will love it too, and every bit of its 21st century decor. Did I mention we’ll also be changing the color of the house? You might think that I don’t like my in laws, but I actually do. I just don’t like that they feel they must comment on everything we do. This is NOT their house anymore! All of last year, when I would come home from work I would find the outside of my house decorated to whatever holiday was approaching by my mother in law, EXACTLY like she would decorate it when this was still her house. It would take me about half an hour to take everything down, throw in the trash, and some stuff into the woods out back. That’s how pissed off I would become. Finally my husband had to tell her to knock it off. Now she’ll ask me if she can decorate. I have no idea why. Maybe she just likes to hear me say no. Let’s just say I don’t like her style.
Ok, enough bashing. I didn’t mean to bash them, but there is just no nice way to explain some things.


2 Responses to “Hit the road, Jack”

  1. Britt-Arnhild Says:

    Good luck with the new fireplace, and the mantel, and a …..built in bookcase. It will be great 🙂

  2. Elisa Says:

    Ok, granted ur ma in law maybe overstepping the boundaries a LOT by decorating YOUR house… but she’s had that house for what seems like forever and it takes time to “let go” ya know? … and even if you don’t like her style, maybe the next time a holiday rolls around, you could call her to come over and help you decorate your house (your way of course)… just a suggestion.

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