This is one of the best groups of women that you can ever meet. These women have been my best friends for the last 3 years. BTW, that’s me, 3rd from the left with the scarf. We all met when we had our first child and joined the Breast Feeding Support Group (bfsg) at the hospital where the kids were born. My first day there, I was just hoping to meet one normal person, never did I expect to become life long friends with 5! A. was the first person I met (she’s 2nd from the left sitting down). She had breast pads sticking out of her back pocket, just like I did! She was normal! We exchanged phone numbers and told me to get my butt down to Old Navy because the were having a huge sale on clothes, and I should stock up for my son’s following year–all said with a thick southern accent. Did that! BTW, the clothes that she bought for her daughter, were recently passed down to my daughter life is good. Fast forward, and within the next few weeks I met the rest of the girls, and there pretty much hasn’t been a week since that has gone by without us getting together with our children, or talking on the phone, or at least emailing one another. Four of us are from out of state, so personally, I consider them family. We switch off whose house will be hosting for coffee and brunch, and we talk, while the kids play. Tomorrow D. (the beautiful red head on the right sitting down) will be hosting. She promised the coffee would be ready and hot when we get there, but since she’s expecting her 2nd child in just a few weeks, we’ll cut her some slack if it isn’t ready yet. But just this once. These women are SO funny and kind, you just never want to leave.
B. was the first one of us to brave parenting to 2 kids. She had her beautiful son 6 months before my “famous-inblogland” daughter arrived. Six months after that K. (who says she’s not related to Madonna, but whateva) and A. had their sons. And now D. and E. will round out March with the arrival of their 2nd children. BTW, E.’s great-great-something-grandfather is famous.
Ah well, this photo was taken last week when we went out for dinner (no kids, no husbands).

***BAKED is the group name I use when I email them


One Response to “B.A.K.E.D.-C.”

  1. Elisa Says:

    Being a mom has just got to be the best thing EVER. Someday, i hope to have my own circle of wacky moms to share diaper stories with… it may take a while before that happens though.

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