He’s 3 years old!!!!!!!!!!

My little boy is 3 now. I can’t believe it. He’s so big. He’s in nursery school once a week, he can solve problems, he’s close to being potty trained (pleeeeease, God), and he loves to joke around. He loves listening to his music CD’s of childrens songs and lullabys, color, paint, run, jump, build with his blocks, “fix” the dining room chairs with his toy tools, and can toast his own waffles. He also likes helping me make cakes and muffins because he knows I’ll let him lick the bowl when we’re done. He wants to play outside every single day, no matter the weather or if his mother is in the middle of something. He wants to know how EVERYTHING works, and will never stop asking questions until he is satisfied with an answer. He loves to “read” and be read to, and talks to his grandparents on the phone every night. He’s also discovered the fine game (I use that term very loosely) of skee ball. He plays with his sister and little friend at the mall. He’s funny, sweet, and can drive me insane all in the span of 5 minutes. He’s also VERY protective of his toys. That’s why you can hear his little sister screaming so many times during the day. He also has the best hair ever. That’s why he’s never had a hair cut, except to cut the bangs out of his eyes. But don’t worry, it will be cut soon. 3 years is long enough.


2 Responses to “He’s 3 years old!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Britt-Arnhild Says:

    Happy birthday :-)from the aunt in Norway…

  2. Tongue in Cheek Antiques Says:

    Beautiful little children you have!!

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