It’s only 8 am

My kids are trying to kill me. I just know it. It started last night when an hour and a half after I had fallen asleep, my son’s nasty cough woke us up. We took turns giving him water, and medicine, and finally put him in bed with us. An hour later he was ready to go back into his own bed. We were up all night with that cough. At 5am my daughter was ready to get up. WHY??? Then my son decided to get up at 530.
Needless to say my husband prepared STRONG coffee for us this morning.
You would think these kids would be tired, sleepy, in other words, quiet. But no. Instead they are being obnoxious, loud, and have some mighty bad attitudes. I’m still trying to wake up.
And I swear to God, if my son yells about anything one more time, I’m going to tie him to one of the trees in the backyard. And yes, it’s raining and cold out. Why do you ask?
If anyone is looking for me today, I will be crouched in a corner with a pillow over my head.


One Response to “It’s only 8 am”

  1. The French Nest Says:

    Ahhh…the joys of motherhood! Here’s hoping the rest of your week is wonderful!

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