Someone else can use it.

I just delivered a huge bag of toys to Salvation Army. Everything I gave them was in good used condition, and some of it had never even been used. Some still had tags on them. Anything that was broken was thrown away. These are toys that my children never play with, and were just taking up space in our house. My children’s birthdays are in December and January, and in between there is Christmas. That’s a LOT of presents in a short time. They don’t need that much. No one needs that much. Someone who shops at SA might be able to use those toys. I could have sold some of the new toys on ebay, but I rather not. I think someone would appreciate finding something new at SA. I don’t think new toys come by that often there. So hopefully someone can use what I took over. If not, I hope they recycle there……..


One Response to “Someone else can use it.”

  1. Tongue in Cheek Antiques Says:

    How very kind of you to give, and to give the best!

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