Christmas Cookies

Decorating Christmas cookies toddler style:

First: get your mother to make cookies with you. This won’t be hard because it will be her idea anyway. She will happily supervise while you cut shapes into the dough and stuff your little face with as much raw dough that you can get away with. Take your time doing this. Your mother doesn’t mind waiting. Really.

Second: insist on waiting right by the hot oven until they are done!

Third: realize that waiting by the hot oven is boring, so lay on couch watching Sesame Street while cookies finish baking. They do take 10 minutes you know.

Fourth: gather at one of your very best friends house with the cookies you all baked and have a cookie decorating feast.

Fifth: let your mothers think you are really interested in decorating when really you just want to eat the frosting and play with the sprinkles can.

Sixth: decorate 1 cookie and pose for your mother so she can take a picture already and you can go play with the kids and toys in the other room.

Seventh: leave your mothers alone in the kitchen to decorate 300 cookies and over hear them say how good this white frosting is!

Eighth: check on your mother once in a while just so that you can be amazed that she can eat
her weight in frosting and not throw up.

Nineth: take cookies home to show your Dad and tell him how YOU decorated ALL these cookies all by yourself.

Tenth: don’t eat any of the cookies because you only like chocolate chip cookies.


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