Christmas memory

I was over at In the Trenches of Motherhood where Chris has a post going on about Christmas time traditions. This made me think of various Christmas memories that I’ve stored in the crevices of my mind for safe keeping. I really love how the rotating seasons or something that someone said or wrote make these memories seep out, so that hopefully you have a smile on your face when you remember them.
A particularly fun and very unique memory that I have is when my friend Shari came over and decorated our tree with us. She rented the apartment on the top floor of my parents house, and was only a few years older than me. She and my sisters and I got along like best friends. The interesting thing about Shari that set her apart from us was that she was an Orthodox Jew and we are Roman Catholic. However, the differences were cause for lots of jokes and laughter between us.
Anyway, one year, probably around 1991, she came downstairs and asked my mother if it would be alright if she helped us decorate the Christmas tree because she had never done that before. We were a little surprised at her request at first, but were happy to let her join in.
I will never forget that night we decorated the tree. The entire dining room table and half the living room floor were covered in decorations, ribbons, tinsel, and lights. Kenny Rogers Christmas special was blasting on the TV with him singing christmas songs, and Shari brought down an enormous chocolate menorah that we were devouring . She was all gong ho about trimming that tree. She even tried putting up decorations that me and my sisters were hoping to throw away without my mother noticing because we were SO done with those! And let me tell you, you have never seen so much tinsel on one tree.
Merry Jewish Christmas Shari, where ever you may be now.


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