The Best Weekend

We had the best 3 day weekend. Friday, Sat., and Sun. we did nothing but rake leaves, pulled out bunches and bunches of lilly bulbs, dug up a dying shrub, and made dozens of trips into the woods in the back of our house to dump all those things in. We literally beat down a nice walking path in that woods. My son was in his glory being outside all day long for 2 1/2 days. Only half a day yesterday because it rained in the morning.
My daughter took her naps outside in her stroller while we worked.
I even bought new hiking boots on Friday for this very purpose. That, and also because I didn’t want to ruin my sneakers. I got the boots at a sporting store that is going out of business. They were on close out sale for $14!!!!! Can you believe it?! They are also boys boots size 5 1/2. I’m totally lucky that I fit into kids shoes. I save a ton of money on boots that way.
We ate left overs, pizza, and Sat. we even tried going to Friendlys at 430pm for a very early dinner, but both kids fell asleep in the car by the time we got there, so we went back home, and ate some more left overs.
I felt so energized and really wasn’t tired at all until last night. We took showers and gave the kids baths before we went to bed. We were clean and tired out, but really happy for having had such a great weekend.


One Response to “The Best Weekend”

  1. Erika Says:

    hey girl,

    I’m ok. Its been a rough couple (weeks, days months years… LOL) The girls have been keeping me up at night and Im a zombie during the day, Not to mention all the shit I have to do, We;ve been running around to playgroups, LLL meetings, and I’ve been working on my NINO (babywearing group) I know I need to update, but Ive had writers block. And i cant remember my password to the email account I sent you.. LOL

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