Love Thursday

This may seem trivial, but the main bathroom in our house is clean. Scrubbed. Clean. And it’s not even Saturday!!!!!! My youngest child is finally at the age that after her bath she can play in the tub without having me hold her. This is huge. When my son was her age, at our old house, I would give him a bath, and then let him play while I cleaned the rest of the bathroom, or did the laundry. (The washer and dryer were in the bathroom–something I miss terribly). Now, finally, I can give them both a bath, then let them play for a few minutes in the tub while I tend to the sink and toilet. I know, what would I do without the “little things” in my life?

**seriously, can you see how shiny that sink is? And, no, it’s not a camera trick.
**visit Karen at Chookooloonks for more Love Thursday.


3 Responses to “Love Thursday”

  1. Erika Says:

    oh dear your bathroom is SO clean! Gosh mine soooo needs a good scrubbing 😀 I’m about 15-20 min away from massachusetts, about 50 min from boston, and 15min from Sturbridge.. lol if that helps any. I dont want to post my email here.. actually you can email me at
    i think thats it… LOL

  2. cnedaria Says:

    Just beautiful. I’m SOOO jealous! I try to hit the obvious surfaces with a Chlorox wipe once a day, but the crud still accumulates. Life with 3 boys. Yikes! Congratulations and Happy Love Thursday!

  3. Erika Says:

    oh yea, and the flyladey would be SOOO proud of that sink! Look at it sparkle!

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