WOW. I am so embarrassed..I am SUCH a DORK!

Ummmmm….. I am SUCH an idiot. All these months, all this time I thought to myself, “ one ever leaves me any comments. I don’t know why because I’m such a nice girl, and they would want to have coffee with me if we were neighbors.” HOWEVER, (people in my real life would not find this shocking), I am a computer dork. For me, this means I know basically nothing about computers, and what I have learned has been by first making TONS of errors.
WELL, I just found out by trial and error that I had to approve all comments first. I didn’t even know there was such a section. So, imagine my surprise when I found all these comments hiding, and no, I don’t know where I found them, but I’m pretty sure I was able to switch it so now when my NEW FRIENDS (you guys) comment, I can see it right away! Wow! Go Technology!
I will be spending the next hour or so reading and re-reading all the comments that almost slipped thru my fingers forever….
Thanks to ALL who have left comments. I’m sorry I had no idea how to work this blogger thing. I’m still learning.:)


2 Responses to “WOW. I am so embarrassed..I am SUCH a DORK!”

  1. Erika Says:

    OMG thats so funny!

  2. joanna Says:

    well, there you go….

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