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Love Thursday—She’s Walking!!!

November 30, 2006

Love is watching your baby take her first steps, and being so proud of her that you want to call up everyone you know and tell them. This past Saturday my baby took her first steps all by herself. My husband was right there to see it, too. She hasn’t stopped since.

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November 30, 2006

You know what the best part of Thanksgiving is? The left overs. I made the worst stuffing this year. Horrible. No one took more than a few bites of it. It was from a freaking box, but I still screwed it up. HOWEVER, as left overs, it is THE BOMB! Drowned in country style gravy, it is so delicious, that I think I’ve put on about 3 pounds eatting it.
Thank God for left overs.
Is this kid cute or what?


November 27, 2006

This year was the first Thanksgiving that we have ever hosted. It was great. Lots of food. Lots of family and friends (9 adults, 7 kids). The turkey was good. All 18 pounds of it. Lets see, I made the turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, green beans, stuffing, salad. A friend brought over a corn dish, and my SIL made the peas. Lots of wine. For dessert there was pie, pie, pie, pie, pie, pie, pie, cake, chocolate and coffee. Yes, that would be 7 pies. I don’t know what it was about pie, but apparently you should eat it at Thanksgiving.
We had a great day. It’s my favorite holiday.

***edited to add that my FIL made baked ziti, sausage and meatballs. You know, for the Italian Pilgrims.

Now don’t you all get jealous now….

November 25, 2006

But my darling daughter has broken her own personal record. She napped for (drumroll please)…15 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aren’t you just green with envy? You’re wishing you were me right now, aren’t you? Well too bad. She’s mine.
My son, on the other hand, has already been napping for 1 hour. What’s up with that?

I’ll write about Thanksgiving later.

Christmas Card pictures

November 20, 2006

The Tornado

November 20, 2006

This is what I mean.

This weeks funnies

November 19, 2006

I’ll start with my son. He has a set of 20 dinosaur magnets that he likes to play with on our fridge. Well, my 11 month old likes them, too. You can see where this is going, can’t you? He was so tired of her coming over and playing with them, and throwing them on the floor, that he took matters into his own hands. I didn’t even see this happen. My husband went to get something in the fridge, he opened the door and started laughing. My son had “hidden” all of his magnets inside the fridge door shelf! That kid is too funny!

My daughter is the TORNADO. Yesterday I was feeding her sweet potatoes out of a baby food jar in the living room while her brother napped in the family room. We were both sitting on the floor. When she didn’t want anymore, I left her playing on the floor and I went into the kitchen to fill the dishwasher. When I was done (5 minutes), I noticed that she was very quite. Too quite. I knew I was doomed. When I went back into the living room I saw the funniest thing. She had taken the jar and was scooping out the sweet potatoes with both hands, and had gotten it all over her face, her clothes, the rug, and was happy as a clam! She was cracking up when she saw me. I took pictures. I’ll post them later.

They can be so cute!

Love Thursday

November 16, 2006

Don’t they look like the same kid? The top one is my son, and the bottom is my daughter.

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The Best Weekend

November 13, 2006

We had the best 3 day weekend. Friday, Sat., and Sun. we did nothing but rake leaves, pulled out bunches and bunches of lilly bulbs, dug up a dying shrub, and made dozens of trips into the woods in the back of our house to dump all those things in. We literally beat down a nice walking path in that woods. My son was in his glory being outside all day long for 2 1/2 days. Only half a day yesterday because it rained in the morning.
My daughter took her naps outside in her stroller while we worked.
I even bought new hiking boots on Friday for this very purpose. That, and also because I didn’t want to ruin my sneakers. I got the boots at a sporting store that is going out of business. They were on close out sale for $14!!!!! Can you believe it?! They are also boys boots size 5 1/2. I’m totally lucky that I fit into kids shoes. I save a ton of money on boots that way.
We ate left overs, pizza, and Sat. we even tried going to Friendlys at 430pm for a very early dinner, but both kids fell asleep in the car by the time we got there, so we went back home, and ate some more left overs.
I felt so energized and really wasn’t tired at all until last night. We took showers and gave the kids baths before we went to bed. We were clean and tired out, but really happy for having had such a great weekend.

Love Thursday

November 9, 2006

This may seem trivial, but the main bathroom in our house is clean. Scrubbed. Clean. And it’s not even Saturday!!!!!! My youngest child is finally at the age that after her bath she can play in the tub without having me hold her. This is huge. When my son was her age, at our old house, I would give him a bath, and then let him play while I cleaned the rest of the bathroom, or did the laundry. (The washer and dryer were in the bathroom–something I miss terribly). Now, finally, I can give them both a bath, then let them play for a few minutes in the tub while I tend to the sink and toilet. I know, what would I do without the “little things” in my life?

**seriously, can you see how shiny that sink is? And, no, it’s not a camera trick.
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