WARNING…I needth a thenthidst

Today has been the day from hell. My children were creatures from the dark side. My husband is now mad at me. I’ve been cursing my MIL the entire time that I’ve been stripping that godforsaken wallpaper off my damn walls, and now this. I sat down the minute the devil children fell asleep–at almost the exact same time–and started eatting some pop-corn (no points) and reading my book (The Pact–it’s awesome so far). Would you believe a kernel broke my filling??????? Yes. It is now totally out of whack, and I refuse to do anything about it until Monday. My tooth is also bleeding a little, but did you hear me? I am NOT GOING to the dentist until MONDAY! I will not be one of those people who has emergencies on the weekends. No, I will not.
So, liquid diet for me until I can get this fixed.


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