I need a distraction.

My kids are trying to kill me. Or trying to get me to kill them. I’m not really sure which one it is. They are 2 1/2 years old, and 10 months, and they fight like kids who are much older. They fight like cats and dogs. The younger one wants everything that belongs to her brother, and he must protect all of his things. I get that. What I don’t get is why they have to whine so damn much. Can’t they just fight without bothering me? That would be nice. I’ve already had 3 cups of coffee, and I’m already thinking about another cup. Thank God I’m not into crack.
I’ve decided that they only way I won’t end up on America’s Most Wanted List today is if I blog all day, and finish stripping the wall paper border off of the World’s Ugliest and Smallest Bathroom. Maybe I’ll also try taking them to the store to buy a lamp for the living room. If I get brave. After my 4th cup of coffee, of course.
Later I’ll post pics of the World’s Ugliest and Smallest Bathroom.
God! Can you hear that whining? I swear that nails on a chalkboard is a more soothing sound than the whine.


One Response to “I need a distraction.”

  1. Lilly Says:

    Hmmm, I see by your blogroll that you already know about ‘notes from the trenches.’ She’s somebody who could probably advise about the sibling stuff. I don’t know how she’s managed to inspire peace and compassion between siblings but I think she’s written about it.

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