Where o where are the good toys?

I just spent one hour at the holy grail of all toys stores: Toys R Us, and they had nothing! NOTHING!! And God help them if they get mad that I’m writing this because I wouldn’t be writing this if I had found what I needed to get.
Yesterday I searched their website and found 3 very reasonably priced toys. I went to their store–and I had money with me people—and they don’t stock those items on their shelves. Nooooooooo. Because if they did, then they wouldn’t have the space to stock their expensive toys. Now isn’t that convinient.
Well, needless to say, I’ll have to check somewhere else. On a good note, though, they had pjs for sale (7 bucks!) that are perfect for the Christmas card.
This post is so not important, but I was just sayin’.


One Response to “Where o where are the good toys?”

  1. Lilly Says:

    Hi. I just tootled around your site and enjoyed it very much. Your kids are adorable and you are very funny. Thanks for stopping by over at my site…..

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