This will make sense if you’re 2

I haven’t got any idea what happened. My 2 year old loves school. LOVES IT. He looks foward to going. He likes repeating his teachers names, and his classmates names. Over and over.
Anyway, today started like the other Mondays. He couldn’t wait to go to school. An hour before we had to leave he started crying because I wouldn’t take him right then. Finally it was time to go. We get to his class, and for the first time he says that he doesn’t want me to go, and he started crying and latched on to me. What the hell? This is the kid who loves school, OK? Well, they pry him away from me, and I left. Well, just to the hallway. I spied for about 5 minutes (he couldn’t see me) hoping that they could calm him down. I felt so bad! I wanted to cry. Why was he crying?
Oh well, I left with the baby and we went to Marshalls. We were there for about 15 minutes when my cell rang. It was the director. They could not console him, they tried everything, he won’t stop crying, can you come and get him? I practically flew there. Thank God there weren’t any cops around, or I would have been in trouble.
Now this is the part where you need to be 2 to understand. As I was pulling out of the parking lot he asked, “we’re not gonna play at school anymore?” I said, no. And he said, “why?” all shocked and everything. I thought I might strangle him.


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