Love Thursday

Love is letting them “help” me unload the dishwasher, even though it takes 3 times as long.

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5 Responses to “Love Thursday”

  1. cnedaria Says:

    Oh boy, do I know that one! My 3 year old loves to help too. I finally re-arranged the kitchen cupboards so he can spend some time putting non-breakables away. I still have to get in to get the silverware before he reaches for it, and I actively discourage helping LOAD the dishwasher. One experience with having to bathe the boy afterwards was plenty! THanks for sharing the great picture, and Happy Love Thursday!

  2. jodi Says:

    Yep, I get the same kinda “help” at my house! Gotta love it…they grow up too fast!

  3. Teresa Says:

    Cute pic! I have the SAME situation happen with the dishwasher. Why are they SO attracted to it?

  4. KaY Says:

    Definitely. Its like having them “clean up” but they’re really messing things more but you end up laughing coz they look so happy “cleaning up.”

    Happy Love Thursday. Mine’s up. Care to drop by?

  5. Michele Says:

    Yes, I am with you here. I have two “helpers” when I unload and it is actually more work with “help
    than when I do it myself.

    But how can I resist when they come over and say “hep? Hep?”

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