I can live without this type of tag-teaming

We were outside playing at our neighbors house, when it was finally time to go home. My 2 year old started playing with his Little Tykes car–the red and yellow one that every kid has. This means he starts at the top of the driveway and races down, hopping the edge, and comes to a stop on the lawn. He’s been doing this all summer. The baby was sitting in the Radio Flyer wagon near me when the 2 year old flips over in the car!!! I ran to him and he was fine, just scared, and I hear a yell, look over to my daughter, and thump! she’s on the driveway flat on her face. I ran over to her and she’s crying bloody murder. They were both crying bloody murder. I checked the baby out and besides a huge scratched up noggin on her forehead, and road burn all over her nose and left cheeck–she’s fine. I called her pedi just to make sure. Anyway, we went inside where I gave him a yogurt (comfort food of choice), and gave her a bottle (her comfort food of choice). 10 minutes later they are both asleep! (MY comfort food of choice).
I don’t need them tag-teaming like this. 2 against 1 is just not fair.
If it was any closer to Halloween, I may have to rethink the fairy costume for the baby. I would have switched her to a boxer.


One Response to “I can live without this type of tag-teaming”

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