Send some good vibes

I just read what my favorite blogger Chris posted about an hour ago over at her blog Notesfromthetrenches. It makes me so sad to read this. She is such a great person, and an amazing mother to her seven wonderful children. She’s also a great writer and funny as hell! She wrote that she doesn’t feel that she has any friends, and that making friends is hard for her, and that the friends she thought she had aren’t really friends at all.
I wish I could morph her into my neighborhood. I would be friends with her in a split second. As a matter of fact there are plenty of big houses for sale around here that she and her family can move right in to. I would be over nearly every day. She would have to stop feeding me to get rid of me (that is if she fed me at all).
I’m really lucky. I make friends easily, and stay friends for many years until geography forces us apart. I have 5 super best girlfriends that I can count on and love deeply and visit with very often.
Being a friend of mine is simple. Make me laugh, and I’ll see the good in you. You’re in.
However, this doesn’t mean that everyone becomes my friend, even if they do make me laugh. It’s just much easier if you do make me laugh. If I think you’re the slightest bit insincere, I will tolerate you when it is a social necessity, but I will never call on you, nor give you more than a wave if I run into you in public, and if I think you haven’t seen me in public, it will be a relief to me. And I certainly wouldn’t call you a friend. And save the christmas cards with the picture of your kids. I don’t want it. Yeah, there is someone in my life like this. Yuck.
It sucks to me that Chris feels her only friends are the ones she found through her blog. I don’t expect to find one friend this way. I started this blog for my children and for me and my husband. I started this blog so that one day we can read all the old archives and laugh and say, yeah, remember that time?
I truly hope this is just a funk that Chris is going through. I hope she really does have real life friends. If not, I know a good real estate agent.


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