Love Thursday

Currently this is my favorite place. My bed. Not my bedroom. My bedroom sucks because we haven’t done anything to it since we moved in 1 year ago. But, my bed is awesome. It is the most comfortable spot in the world for me. My body just melts right into it perfectly, especially after a particularly long day. I have to have 3 pillows to sleep with. That is the ONLY way I can sleep. Not with 2 , and not with 4. That would be too many. We bought this queen size sleigh bed when we got married. My husband says I hog the bed and the comforter. But look at that awesome down comforter. Wouldn’t you hog it, too? Yeah, you would. I love my bed. There, I said it.
***This idea is from Karen at chookoolonks.


5 Responses to “Love Thursday”

  1. Tina Says:

    Oh WOW!!!! I LOVE your bed!! It just LOOKS so nice and cozy too!!!

  2. Schatzi Says:

    Looks SO comfy!!

  3. cnedaria Says:

    I’m so jealous! I HATE our bed. We’re definately in the market for a new one–the one we have is NOT comfy at all. But I can solve your hog the comforter problem–do what some Europeans do and make the bed with two twin comforters–you each get one. Bliss! Happy Love Thursday!

  4. 1girl2boys Says:

    That looks like a very comfy bed. I love your particularness over pillows. Cute.

  5. PastorMac's Ann Says:

    I love love love a down comforter! ( I sleep with 3 pillows too – their down as well.)

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