First Day of Nursery School…really

At exactly 1150am I drove my toddler and my baby to the nursery school over in the next town. Exactly 5 minutes later we arrived and the 2 year old, (to whom I’ve been repeating over and over again for the last week that Mommy will bring him to school where he will play with J* (my nephew) and the other kids just for a little while, and Mommy will come home, and then go back to pick him up), started to slightly panic and repeat over and over, “Mommy you stay here with me for a little bit.” Of course I said yes!
First I walked him over to show him the playground, and then we went inside where the director (a very sweet grandmotherly type of lady) greeted us and let us play at a Lego table while the previous class ended, since we were early. She asked him what the baby’s name was, and he said he didn’t know. eyeroll. We played Legos and he was telling me that this place is great, and I again reminded him that I would be leaving soon. He seemed OK with it.
Then it was finally time to go to Room 6! He immediately started playing with the toys. The other kids arrived, his teachers oohed and aahed over each child.
My SIL finally arrived with my nephew (late as usual), and the 2 began to yell and play. The director told me this was a good time to leave. I bent down and told him I was leaving and he didn’t look up from his truck. So I said it again, and he said, OK.
THAT WAS IT. No crying, no mommy please stay, or take me home, or any other excuse. He was busy playing trucks with his cousin, and why was I still there? Goodness.
Well, I was excrutiatingly happy cause I had lots to do. I did keep checking my cell phone to make sure that it was on. Just in case.
I have to go pick him up in 15 minutes. I hope he had a great first day! I want to hear all about it. He better not leave anything out.


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