My obsession with strollers

Two days ago my husband went to the local discount store and he told me that they are selling “my” Teutonia stroller again, along with two different models of Chicco strollers. So…. because I’m such a sucker for strollers, I went to check them out after work yesterday. I looked at them longingly, touched them, and tried them out.
The one that I like the best was the Chicco Habitat Magic stroller. It was so pretty and shiny. It was everything that I wanted except for the price. For an older model Chicco I thought the price was a bit steep: $150, no thank you. But, oh, it was so pretty.
Before my son was born I spent weeks researching the perfect stroller that was affordable to us. Weeks! It was an obsession. I finally settled on one that I still occassionally use with the baby. But my love of all things stroller hasn’t quelched one bit. The same amount if intensity went into the double stroller that I purchased earlier this year. I love it, but I still get nauseous when I think of what I paid for it. However, I am glad I didn’t get the one I almost settled for. I saw 2 of them at the zoo last week, and 3 words came to mind : Piece of Junk.
Yesterday I found a GORGEOUS Emmaljunga “Bus” on a stroller group on Yahoo that someone had posted pictures of. LOVED IT. Then when I saw the Chicco Magic, I drooled. Baby strollers are just so pretty. I have evn written to two stroller companies I have strollers from when I had problems with them. Both had great customer service. One sent me a new set of wheels, while the other actually sent me a new stroller! I have since given that stroller away to someone who needed it much more than I did.
I love strollers. I love the fabrics–especially on European models, the different positions of recline, all the accessories, the companies that I bought from, aahhhhhh. Some days I wish I worked for those stroller companies, however, their headquarters and offices are all out of state. Yeah, I checked.
I have had so many strollers that my friends and family call me stroller queen. However, in my defense, I only paid for 3 of them.
My strollers (in order):
1. Evenflo Journey travel system (my sister bought this for me for my baby shower)
2. a cheap umbrella stroller that was free when my SIL bought me a pack and play
*3. Chicco Tuscany (I bought this, but had problems with it)
4. Kidco umbrella stroller (I won this in a contest–hated it–gave it away)
5. Chicco Tuscany #2 (this is the one replaced by the company–I recently gave it away)
*6. Teutonia Toni (I bought this–love it–the baby naps in it every day, so I keep it in the house)
*7. Maclaren Twin Traveller ( I bought this, and currently use it as my main stroller)

Clearly I don’t need any more strollers, but it doesn’t stop me from looking. That Chicco Magic really was pretty.


One Response to “My obsession with strollers”

  1. Jen Says:

    Hi, I stumbled on to your site through Notes From the Trenches… I love that you have a stroller obsession (because really, who doesn’t?)!! Just wondering if you’ve seen the Phil & Ted’s stroller? It’s a good one if you have 2 young ones close in age.

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