Distraction Plan

Yesterday was a day for the Distraction Plan. That’s when I’m stressed with one or more of the kids and we need to see and do something different. Hopefully it’s something fun. Yesterday we went to the playground. At 945am. I don’t know how I held out that long. It’s a great park just a 7 minute drive from our house. Playgrounds are my new favorite hangouts because few things wear my 2 year old out like it. He went up the steps and through the tunnel to get to the slide over and over. Then he went to up the stairs, ran across the bridge that’s about 15 feet up in the air, up some more steps, and down the LONG winding slide. Over and over. Multiply this for 40 minutes and you have one very happy child and one sleepy baby from watching all of this. But most of all I was happy because I wasn’t yelling anymore, and he was having so much fun! Then we went to the library and colored for a while before we headed home.
The Distraction Plan was a success.


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